Team of freelance journalists, writers, photographers and filmmaker previously based near Edinburgh,  with my husband Gavin at Rainbow Publishing Enterprises. we make films, artwork and books. Please email or phone for paid commissions with your pitch to include a breakdown of our expenses, costs and payments.

Sam writes: having  graduated in 2013 with a Masters degree in journalism from Edinburgh Napier University. My undergraduate degree is an MA (hons) in English Literature and Language from Glasgow/Aberdeen University.

Work experience and voluntary work undertaken has been at The Scotsman, Deadline News Agency, Scottish Field, East Lothian Courier, Leith TV, Castle FM as well as the Edinburgh Reporter. I have since then been in paid employment  in freelance work with various outlets, among these are Artwork Magazine, East Lothian Courier, Deadline News and Edinburgh Evening News.

This website incorporates most of the news, arts features, on-line, and film work as well as photographs, radio and TV work that I have had included in various publications. These include work undertaken on the MA, (including from Edinburgh Napier News and Buzz Magazine). Other articles are from work experience and volunteering, since then more recent freelance work.

Although I cover varied topics, such as news and arts, my area of interest lies chiefly in campaign issues, human rights issues and investigative journalism on which topics I am in the process of  setting up a website at journalismscotland.com

The book version of the the contents of this site may be found on Amazon, our Etsy Media outlet https://www.etsy.com/shop/RainbowMedia title: Collected Journalism Scotland 2011-2013. We may be reached at rainbowpublishingenterprises.com

Creator of First News freelancing at guardian 2005-STILL OWE ME


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