Cocoa heaven at Scotland’s first chocolate festival (Audio broadcast)

Originally published on 98.8  Castle FM website, on 08 November 2012. Link to story.

Listen here:

 A day for chocolate lovers, and a delight to the senses, the first chocolate festival in Scotland is a huge hit. There were a host of chocolate stalls full of mouthwatering chocolates on offer, as well as talks and children’s chocolate workshops at The Scotsman Hotel in Edinburgh.

Many of the stalls carry unusual flavours of chocolate such as haggis, or rhubarb, and one includes a delightful cocktail flavoured collection beautifully presented in a cocktail glass.

The event was extremely busy, and during the talk by the company Chocolate Tree many had to find space on the floor in the crowded lecture theatre. During the talk raw Cacao beans were passed around, which many admitted to never having seen before, as well as pure roasted cacao which was bitter to the taste.

The plan for next year includes an increased number of chocolate stalls as well as a larger venue. This year’s success shows that Scotland’s chocolate revolution is well under way.

Full report by Sam Khan-McIntyre at The Scotsman Hotel.

On the left: Festival stall by Perthshire based Scottish Chocolate Centre.

On the right: Sharon Grimshaw of Hot Chocolates


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