From Peebles to the Whitehouse


Cover stories
34 Murder in suburbia The harsh realities of Scottish wildlife – Alan Cochrane
46 Is this man Scotland’s greatest living painter? Interview with Jack Vettriano
56 A perfect match Judy Murray on growing up and raising her sons in Dunblane
70 Christmas at Kinloch Lodge Fabulous recipes to help cook up a festive storm from Claire Macdonald
92 Scottish first lady How black sheep Christina Stuart became America’s leading lady- Sam Khan-McIntyre
98 The tale of Peter Mcrabbit How Scotland inspired Beatrix Potter
146 Meet marten The loveable but deadly pine marten has made a stunning comeback

Field Sports
154 How to earn a buck Fallow deer stalking in Dumfries and Galloway
161 Too hot to handle – Are rising sea temperatures to blame for a drop in salmon numbers?

Here & now
32 The e-razor gangs Why something must be done to prevent electro-fishing for razor clams
36 Scotland through a lens – Photographer Ian Cameron’s winter wonderland
54 Credo – Comedian Des Clark on childhood, pantomime and who makes him starstruck
88 Welcome to the jungle – Scotland’s top ten plant hunters take centre stage
96 Model of a champion – Commonwealth gold medallist athlete turned model boat builder Lachie Stewart
104 Portrait of an artist – The racy life and times of Scottish colourist JD Fergusson
128 Two horse town – Andy Scott is the creator of Falkirk’s imposing sculpture The Kelpies
250 Lady at leisure The clan chief’s wife feels more at home on the ground than in the saddle – Fiona Armstrong

Homes & gardens
110 Glittering prize Christmas in a festive East Ayrshire home
138 How does your garden flow The gardens of Monteviot House near Jedburgh


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