Simon Evans Leashed-Fringe Review 0 Sam & Gavin Khan-McIntyre -Edinburgh Reporter

A balding middle – aged man in a tweed jacket and brown trousers appeared on stage and proceeded to unleash himself.  He started with his appearance, the clothes he described as being the height of good Edinburgh tailoring, which every “native” should wear.  He felt that his innocuous glasses scared people. In fact, what was more interesting was the bright red cord attached to these and which indicated his propensity to misplace them.

He got a lot of laughs, guaranteed, but used cheap gags to generate them, although uncomfortably so, to a full house of 150. These insular jokes on mundane objects like his dad’s old secateurs or indeed his mongrel dog, were in pretty bad taste.

He took a dig at the current trend of the middle classes growing vegetables in their own allotments with a punchline so gross we cannot really repeat it here.

He continued on this theme with the trend of people taking piles of their muddy vegetables to dinner parties instead of a bottle of wine, (which he said he would prefer). Notwithstanding the comedy, we believe that organic vegetables are a more thoughtful gift than a bottle of off the shelf plonk.

UPDATE-Other gags were self-obsessed- rascist rants which he complained to the editor about when we mentioned this in the review,  resulting in the editor Phylis Stevens attacking us and taking down the review, and then refusing to  publish the next two or three we had lined up with the ER,  unfair treatemnt when another staff member at the Edinburgh Reporter got a compliant on the same day -she jumped  on the male white staff member’s defence, (as is usual, showing to her colleagues her discimination tactics to get herself accepted with them)  then after many sories for the E R at work all summer and without pay and good reviews of our work, she neglected to invite us to the E R end of festival event- a reward for all our hard work, denied to us but not to her white male ‘staff’ even those with fewer credits and even complaints from the public audience- it is also unfair that mat white rascists are more interested and seem to get off on in the effects of their own rascist tactics on non-whites – rather than any serious art – Phlis stevens seems to be one of those types-such people are not usually very happy nor successful therefore attack others-perceiving them as superior and threats to their own low self-worth and esteem and pursuing usually for money rather than anything worthwhile in the arts – therefore ms Stevens says she has no funds and refuses to pay us, then writing downright lies from police and NHS about myself and husband, she told me she was friends with te police-bewarned of Ms Stevens- she had been a lawyer previosly to setting up the ER site-not a very good one


and others  related to his own and his family’s personal life and finances.  For instance the trip to Disneyland; a trip which even failed to impress his four year-old son.

The piece de resistance of the show was a long tirade about a mad pet dog he’d been forced to buy, which seems to have tied him down, or leashed him. Under pressure from his family,  especially his precocious five year-old daughter Matilda, who apparently did a mass of internet research, read reports and books and even wrote short stories on the subject.

Evans eventually did his own research, and managed to bring home a totally unsuitable dog, after his wife gave him an ultimatum. She said:-“You had better come back with a puppy or not at all.” Evans said he considered these options, and made a decision.

The dog was not placid as he’d thought, but discovered that the characteristics of the breed; the  wire haired Hungarian Wiesler – meant it couldn’t be left alone for any length of time, not even a minute, as it got anxious. It also wanted to be part of everything.

This ridiculous state of affairs made for a funny second-half of the performance, enhanced by a cute picture of the said dog, Talisker, named after a whisky.


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