mines drafts list

South Africa Mines- database
Names of all mines
What they mine
Who owns them- country/ company- this is where profit goes eg London
Percentage of mines/ minerals each company owns.
No. Of workers employed
Wages/ and minimum wage
No of strikes- wages? Safety?
How long strikes lasted
Outcome of strikes? Improvements in safety? % in wage rises? Or otherwise
Police involvement/ confrontation in strikes/ consequences
No. Of fatalities and injuries
Profit margins of the companies
How much tax they pay
Where they pay the tax ( country)
Export revenues/ what Africa makes from each mine
Bosses’ bonuses
How much money The UK is making from each mine
How much each other country is making
Look into G8 and whether Western countries in league with ANC and mining companies/ politicians
Companies” deal with AnC

Film day to day life of a mine worker/ family
Working conditions- safe to film a miner at work?
Safety measures
Compare with CEO?

De Beers


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