AM NOT in politicsn, not interested in politics, dont support you nor anym=noe in poliytics, want MY husband Gavin home asap, nothing matter w him politics waste of time, only for whites, involved rascists no thnks dont support youGet the message Julia McIntyre ruth davisdson, comkies scs cult rapists child abusers and d chandlker junkie medic yrs of chauvinistc scl harassnment w Nazi ruth from amnesty, rascists british like to find internationals to exploit-get the message rechy scum an m not slave nor sernats not my country nor gavins nor my famiiys country, western ‘vivilsation ‘ is dead, we not sacrificing our lives and happiness for these scum and their greater good lies, wgavin and I and r children + R ppldon’t require their greater good rubblish lies, WE alright, cant help lowlife scum either they would only destroy anything of our like they’ve been doing for the last 2o yrs, they don’t even deserve help

see link,want MY HUSBAND Gavin home ASAP + us AWAY from these rascists NAZI frauds + abusers, timewasters, liying thieves of others lives, frinds and partners, whites sluts whores demos of Christ w treatement excuses for perverts, you even try talking to on of their medics they only slam phones down, their ‘nurses harass and bully, all in favour of whires staff and any whit ‘pateints; they prefer to help their hilte sluts girls only- disgusting ppl, suit junkie mcintyres , wealthy gangsters criminal and their rechy masonic prst for Charles may, sorn castle and eachwick hall with scots parliament helping them their rascists employees on my case since teens at univ- julia mcintyre, why she at scots parlinment when she from London not even Scottish+ millionaire cadogan too, bribed her way there am sure, then that ruth davisdson rascists Nazi on our case at univ -AM NOT THERE FOR HEr- (never for me they say, MY LIFE ok,up to me whrther I decide to help anyone or not, don’t tyhink so, only to get usedand abused and left for dead w nothing, loikecommiews since school, Nazi scum, my and gavins life and family, future and children and our own ppl r friends not=t for these whits to tske r lives ok, always OUR turn, about me and Gavin, not these thieving scum,n=NOT about them, not their time nor money, we know what they up to, going on  nr 20 yrs! we not their slaves nor servants, we not robots, don’t requitre treatemtn for our lives to be destroyd ok, we dont belive in sacrificing ourlives for their lowlife greater good’ lies and frauds, nothing great not good about it !NO REASON FR ME TO HELP SUCH LOWLIFE CHAVS!-am not their slaves, not mycountry anyway! they don’t pay me either, they beneath me, ask their parents tohelp them, norason for me normy husband to get used and exploited!bc we non whites, meand friends better the=am=n these lowlive scum stupid chavs demanding help for themselves and their whir=tes sluts, at Glasgow for that medic d chandler harassnts for years, autorities then abusing persecuting me not their whitle male +junkie medic scl harassments yrs- idiot in need of’help’ -ask his ma they all incestuous Christians anywayy it seems, not me nor MY husnabd and famly, WE NOT THEIR sersants nor slaves! bc they beneathus, theres no helping these sxort, not my job to help anybody, get it! want MY husband home, nhs and staele pigs and mcintyres and comkies an deal with their own problems, bc they know we right, nota secret, they can suffer for being wrong they pay us for being wrong, we have noreason to hide their abuses or get punished otherwise- sooo stpid-1405405

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