state nhs scotgov plce mentl health lies welfare rcp commie rascist whites abuses all secretive since teens to make us immorsl destroy our happiness marriage for money-we educated and in work,stop stealing from us fibbing us off w welfare stealoing that too-not chrstian want g home don’t believe in cmas-dont want to be target6ed picked upbthis decmeber not again-most yrs esp rechy sets them om me wrecking r marriage illness lies abusing MY husband locked up w no acess to abuse him in private for r money to impress Julifoster woodruff nazi bully tory since univ w her sidekick ruth davidson msp dont ask me and my non white friends anf family to help likes of u nazis we said no so u get your nazis pigs onto us?1 disg ppl gu go jil u suicidal vermin, jealous bc me and g happy u disabled w sick kids nad bully husband hates u fergus hatres kcintyres brothel keepers hate everyone excpt their whores and therir incestiuos mummy-disg-gavin not one of them, no reasion for him to be locked up bc we happy, and r moeny frauds scotgov is dead-undevolution and cameron can take his murderer baby alsewhere why should we feel sorry for these scum millionares on welfare,gavin and i not babies and we can rtak and we do workevertything attackied thetfs yrs abuses by miserable whites -they got nowhere to go except hell, gsvin and got somewhere to go-home asia nice- dont bring us back for your whites prisons u theives of life and happiness-keep your ukky uk island mcintyhres rechy trying to weathly cadogan ppl right don’t think so they even pimp their kid out to wet nurse prititure for his money- Julia scumleave my hsband alone u allthe same not prostutite for your flthy whites whres ‘frewindships either- total sluts ww their probs and bullies, they go talk to the last guy theu raped and don’t expect friendshipnor confess their dirt onto me nor MY lovely hsband Gavin -not sick WE don’t want your disd probs, when u have problem not ok to tell us u scum call Nazi pigs if they see us bc our colur problem to u right-well at least we have that whch u don’t-and kee your rascists rtans to yourselves esp that rechy, ys g and I get earned what is our- not going to be ‘FRIENDS’ w u scum nor your fithy thieving pigs and nhs staff whres serservats-bc w out my andgs friendship in teturn for your abuses u scared right u not gtting away w it scum go pristutute your own friendship somewhere aelse and don’t expect foce me and g fob us off w your disg brats bc u have no love for them, we got our own children to consider we not your slaves nor are we eunuchs nor robots for u Nazis-don’t think breaking us down in your nhs prisons going to turn us into your slaves- u the slaves not us-return r funds u frauds, seems whites LIES pr they can do no wrong-when they filthy Nazis-they gt punished not me and g for rewriting it-they report us no rason for their nhs prisons-not ok when they criminals not us-their brats have nothing junkies alkies dunbos me+G no help GET IT- get your help from aids agencies or or agency for domestic maids….not r job to help lowlivesnazis to get abused!we have work, don’t steal r pay u scum forsce us welare u get your own welfare Julia foster woodruff cadoganmcintyre tory pr hag+keep your illnesses to yourself or G+I get cops on u you- get locked up siko – scared g and I emigrate and go home u and McIntyre lose your ill gotten gains, not r job to protect such Nazi scum-my 17birthday party friends fran Watson rcp naxzi bully whore scum their house, that day she said one her fbuddies died-bullying me since thefts attcka nhs pigs mcintyres Nazis stalkers-nothing to do w me bc their w male typical user 21allegedly died allegedly in car accident bc he couldnt be bothered to pay for his prost -these whites can help their own sluts get it if they die nothing to do w me, don’t ask force /ME to help+dont take stealmy money for anything rcp commie hatatred Nazis after money ‘anti rascist anti war hypicrites lies for their disgNazi hols to japan +Germany-asked them to return r funds-nothing but welafe and orders from these scum and millinares mcinyres seems after me + and they scared to lose it all when me angd g emigrate b they cant brainwash torture us into being frinds anymore-and our children wll get thm too-that’s why they don’t even letu s talk our10th aniiv- gavins lives for money they don’t deserve it


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