Powderham Castle reviews GOOGLE REVIEW Summary-Gavin’s anti rechy which sister, don’t ask me and Gavin to HELP your inferior white sluts get it, know what these ppl up to, wrecking our marriage, we’ll they won’t get anything from me nor Gavin, we not your HELP, had enough of whites demands abuses yrs amounts to hassments frauds return what is our, we don’t require to be on welfare abused by you nazi scum, this been going on at univ, RCP commis, school, pit us against the white dumbo sluts to abuse us and the ‘support: for them while destroying r lives, in this situation and think their American brat can be used against me for myoney and status, same w Rory partner, the other Mcintyres females to takey and Gavin’s lives for status bc they white lowlife frauds scum, takes them feel better if they can get at me and racially atra k me, even at univ, school, that how they’re taught, rechy is the worst total scum so she thinks she can take take take from me and Gavin bc she has nothing of herself! don’t think so, u know where the aids agency is and helpanazislt.com & OUR payments buttons tial. Users millionaires constantly demanding money lying they have none, disgusting + bad don’t know why targeting me though! Users when can’t get what they want call their heavies in stare plc and NHS abuse brutality Well u don’t deserve mine nor Gavin’s coerced friendship and funds while we even been hungry and cold bc of their frauds, hate us bc thesenaxi demons of christ not happy, use us through their NHS+plc abuses, “govt tory & legal networks,with our funds, they enjoy locking ppl up throwing them out, throwing their things out renting out our property stealing trespass Bank….constant whitEs hassments yrs, UK not safe for us, we emigrated they got us returned in CHAINS?! NO REASON-WE TARGETS +STATE RACIAL PROFILING, RECHY MCINTYRES EXPLOITING US DUE TO IT, WRECKING OUR LIVES, WAS FINE BEFORE MET THEM-AND FONANCIALLY ALRIGHT ALSO, THESE PPL TAKE OUR FUNDS THROUGH. ABUSE LIES SEEM TO THINK PPL WON’T BELIVE THIS BC THEY WEALTHY – FROM OUR FUNDS! Waste of our money& lives-then accuse us of all SORTS! THEN BULLY US FOR NO MONEY, WE GO LIVE ON OUR FARM IN SECRET STOP STALKNG US-LOWLIVES GET THE MESSAGE-Total morons, well they not going to get Gavin’s & mine happyness, killjoys they mental – Gavin & I well+we do not belive in illness nor mentally illness, get the message, so stop trying to brainwash us we are not robots.

Powderham Castle reviews
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Gavin and Sam Khan-McIntyre

just now
Racists ppl , Gavin and Sam won’t go to your wf white ppls frauds whires nazi dump don’t worry and don’t steal from us to make u go to your white dumps then treat us like shit to throw us out u theives, while totally ripping off the unsespecting public to fuel your drug and whore habits to pimp your girls out, don’t expect likes of us to help u white lowlives then leave us for dead, know the type, rechy is a lowlife scum and u know it, Gavin and Sam and I don’t want your rejects whires who wreck r lives marriage frauds then can take no for an answer, u look after and HeLP your own rasvists incestuous savages, don’t ask me nor Gavin to Help we not your servants nor slaves, thus has been going on far too long with your lies all the time for no reason, hate your sort-u may have money and deny it all the time bc it’s not yours is it, its ours u frauds, rechy n been reported to the nazi police, they can have her disgusting body stop attacking Gavin and I, u sickos w your rascist illness liars, to go behind ppls backs and defraud them and then steal when you’re told no, go look it up in the OED – seriously! U morons CAN act like u don’t know what’s going on am sure….. And don’t bother to set your nazi pigs on us like its not actually mine nor Gavin’s duty as u lowlives seem to think to get what u want from us?! Gavin and I have no reason to offer you anything, so u criminals steal then get your nazi state nhs scum n pigs to punish us, w your bribes, total users, u know h Gavin and I emigrated ten yrs ago to Canada, for r money, u tial wasters like to wreck lives bc u whites inferior and can’t handle it, y we know bc going on since 5at school, u scum whites totally uncivilised don’t waste mine nor Gavin time w your rascist lies! U not worth it none of u nor your disgusting brats never seen likes of that! Born junkies-to the Castle itself, the overpriced for what there is as most of its history and archives has been sold off due to excessive spending and modernised so no point really in wasting time to visit
Adrian Holman

2 weeks ago
Went to Exeter Rock, 80’s festival, it was fantastic. So many top acts from the 80’s and all still have great voices and stage presence.
You can bring your own food and soft drinks + chairs . Meet friends from all …
Pamela Owen

2 weeks ago
Lovely castle which still has the family in residence so you can only visit certain areas. Bit pricey if you want to visit everything on offer and allow all day as the tours are an hour long, but so nice to spend a day there. We had a super …More
Phill Potts

a month ago
Fantastic place to visit. This Castle still has residents living here, which makes it all the more spectacular (In my personal opinion) Beautiful grounds lovely views from the rear of the castle. Rose gardens are very pretty, particularly …More
Olivia Jastrzemski

2 months ago
The scenery and landscape was beautiful. The castle itself was amazing. The two tours that they offer are very informative and interesting. The tour guides were extremely friendly and clearly enjoyed what they were doing. The rose garden, …More
Christian Silverton

3 days ago
This is actually a fortified manor house, which in this case looks more like castle than most. It’s imposing stone structure sits girl on the landscape commanding your attention as soon as its within eyeshot. …More
Anne Moss

a week ago
We are members so come regularly to the walled garden with our grandaughters. Lots of animals and Marie is always so welcoming and helpful to everyone while still caring for the animals. A bonus today as Station Creation was there with lots of brilliant crafts for the children to make.
jed stidson

a month ago
Been to Let’s Rock here twice now.Both times have been fantastic. The place is beautiful the atmosphere is amazing what is there not to like. There events seem to b very well organized loads of toiltes, cleaned & maintained through out the day free water and a few stalled ……c you there next year 😎😀😍
Judith Stevens

a month ago
We went to see Tom Jones last night. Really enjoyable concert other than the fact that the sound system was rather quiet and those of us who were standing couldn’t hear anything he was saying. At times people behind us were chanting ‘turn …More
Alison Raw

a month ago
My daughter and I went for. The Let’s Rock concert and it was great fun the facilities were clean and tidy and there were plenty of them to use instead of having to queue for hours. Great experience and will definitely look out for other opportunities to return
Scott L

3 months ago
We spent a decent couple of hours there with the kids.

They no longer do family tickets, so it’s quite expensive for what it is. Our …More

Clifton Chilli Club

a week ago
Great location and amazing views, the deer park is a great place to watch and observe the deer and the rucking season is the ultimate time.
We have met his Lordship and family a few times and are extremely friendly and …
esther daughtrey

2 months ago
Loved it! The animal petting bit was the best, the staff lovely. The kids had a fab time. We did a upstairs tour and the deer safari ride and had every intention of going back to do the downstairs tour but i may have got carried away in the animal bit for over 3 hours so missed the tour as it was shut🤣 cant wait to go again.
Ade McKenzie

2 weeks ago
We really enjoyed our visit to this place (early April 2018) even if the grounds were very waterlogged.
During the visit we found out by chance that one of the previous Earls had been …
Jenny Domerecki

2 months ago
Lady running house tours made this! So knowledgeable and enthusiastic. State room tour gives more info if you only have time to do one. Enjoyed deer park and various places to eat. Great day out!
Pauline Sarker

a week ago
Interesting tour with history of castle narrated. Loved the Victorian glasshouse and pets corner. Did not get to see upstairs on tour thus 4 not 5 stars.
MJSCAFE whittle

a week ago
Now even more of the castle is open to the public. Well worth a visit for all of the family. Lovely walks and friendly knowledgeable staff.
Malcolm Dennis

2 months ago
Worth a visit. Good for walking. Lovely views and gardens. Rather more of a house that has been transformed in the past. But relaxing atmosphere anyway.
Susan Davis

a week ago
Beautiful castle.Still the home of an Earl and his American wife and children.The grounds are stunning and has a petting zoo with small animals,an Art exhibition in one of the barns and a lovely tea room.Lots to do.I’d certainly go again.
Ken Pearson

2 months ago
My wife and I and our four children spent an enjoyable day at Powderham Castle during half term. The two tours of the castle were very interesting. The children enjoyed the petting zoo. When we went, they also had a load of Lego knights …More

DANIEL RCHANDLER GMC COMPLAINTS REPORTS -THEY LIKE HASING FMAELas usual-reported to GMC, Glasgow university courts, they prefer whites males,llecturers staff themselves seem to see it as some sort of duty to treat girls like objests to be scly abused-usu whites sluts- then casue me probs w their scummy lives- dont think so, NOT my job th help THEIR whres-eg Kistydumped by clacssics lecturer gla-then dont rub your probs on me, ask the medics who locked HER up.,nothingt o do w me, dont want to be friends w their dumbo discards rejects who cant look after themselves then their parents take them away leaving me inpainm, same w mcintyres w gavin and I married 10 yrs- dont think these Nazis can wreck Our livesfor that Rechy filthy moolah, treshe alowed to incestously abuse MY husband secretly and steal wgat she can lay her disg paws on, to get awy qw crimes bc whirte?! whites scum always gert pref treatment even primary school-aged 4, my firend moved school they got white in two yrs after we beall beenat school forcstaff treating me like dirt in favoutr of their dumd blonde thats how they make them rascist then NOT my job to chase their scum, nor hwlp their whores as fran in RCP, then that disgusting daniel idiote chav at Glasgow NOW MY lovely husband-not this time-am not four, close to 40 and ddont want to be targeted this december by kerb crawling plce scum, not chrstian not ill-(just bc that frans whores f buddy 10 aged 21whn she 16-dialegedly died on MY 17th bday ‘party’AT HER HOUSE- IHE IN IRELAND CAR ACCIDENT-PROB STONED KNOWING THM, NONE OF MY CONCERN,NENER MET HET HER PIMP-HE OUHHT TO PAY HER, DONT AKE MY MONEY IN rcp- THEN ABUSE ME YRS EVEN HER SCUMMY PARENTS THEY PAY FOR HER OK AND RETURNMY ND FAMILYS FUNDS AND LOCK THEIR STINKY WHORE OF A JUNKIE FAILURE KID DONT EXPECT ME TO CHASE WHAT IS MONE FROM HER MY MONEY FRIENDS LIFE THEN ABUSE ATTACK ME FOR IT CONTIOUS ABUSES BY THEIR STATE SINCE rECHY ALL WHIR=TES SAME STAEL WHAT IS MONE THEN ATTACK ME- TRY TO GET ME PHISYSIACCLY TO THEIR HOUSE TO ABUSE ME AND THREATEN W AUTHORITIE LIE FRAN, FRAN WAS 18-RECHY NR 80 TOIAL THEIVING WHORES ALL THEIR LIVES W THEUR SCUMMY THEIVING CHARLIES JUNKIES TO ‘PROTECT THEM’AND YHERIR DISG PIGS AND NHS)ALL SECRETS DONT THINK SO! THEY WANT TO HE WHOLE WOTLRL D TO KNOW WHAT SCUMMY ARESELHELS THEY ARE- WOULDBT EVEMN LIKE TO GO DOWN TO THEIR LEVEL TO WRITE ABOUT THESE SCUMS-THEY READ SUM MIRROR MAIL, MCINTYRES RECHY, TOTAL DUMBOS-CANT BELIEVE IT- SEEMS THEIR FNY TALK EH-AND THAT’S IT OH AND STOP CHASING ME DISG RECHY LESBO TO MAKE IT SEEM LIKE iANT ANYTHING FROM THAT GROTBAG-UGH RETURN WHAT IS MINE AND GAVINS -WE -am no reason then finally got me in Ayrshire on behalf on their whilte male disgusing usless chav for my money+abuse bodies-white state pervs, wrecking gavin + I marriage since bc we happy, on bhalf of their medics, Julia foster woodruff cadogan McIntyre Tory PR+that Ruth Davidson disgusting Nazi schav whore forcing me and non-whites friends to help’help’ her and her while males for a blonder/ fairer whiteramnesty international, getting ‘spedcial treatment’ demeaning others for r money,they looking to berascsit nazi practioners at Amnesty international Glasgow?!and since Holyrood/scotgov, while My lovely husband Gavin locked up four yrs we not even allowed to talk with plce +nhs staff threatsattacks abuses ongoing when we get in touch or try to mcintyresabusing our marriage steaing from flat funds-all to force us ,abuse us to ‘believe’ in their stuuuupid ‘medicine’ lies! don’t think so- they don’t let ppl out until theuir take meds, ‘believe’ in meds, become dirty whore sluts through staff abuse in those places and tell staff where tyhey going for lifetime of stalkkig purposes! don’t think so-not this time, thety though 4 yrs aghosince I graduated MA in journalism and at work, they thought they coulsget into andwreck my life for their PR purposes-we don’t believe in treamtn nor meds- never mind what the pigs and nhs sent to the papers with maybe 100 media stories +illegal stolen id photos-house rannasaked many times illegal trespass alos illegal for them to publish our address and hand it over to plc so they can harass us-even london jan black medics worst lowlife disgusting scum-do anyhing to get ‘status’w whites-esp thta dr Ayriku Gavins prev black medic in ayrshire nadhis colleauge julius, totally wrecking our lives insults + they up Rechy’s arse-total liar bribing them,prob took them to her bed knowing that slut-bc she cruel hates MY lovely husband-we cxant eaist until shedead- but we have to be quick as we palnnig children for yrs- peace when she gone-if spot her call sorn kirt for their excorcist, serioiusly,she evenlook like a dirty old haggis with that black + purple visage-in terms of health LIES-bc our rascists nazis white media scumbag colleages + employers don’t want to pay what is owed + they inferior write about loos?! right. They frauds don’t even deserve pay -up nhs+plce frauds ases-see the Herald Glasgow-oages of NHS adverts-refuse to pay ME for work commissioned/even published-total propaganda Nazis-recycled ‘news’ bribed toput pieces in ‘news’ on how much they up the nhs + plc ‘behinds’ -right! Total chavs, no decent person would want to work with these lowlives anyway-only one token female usu. in these white workplace-for their perverted scl harassment purposes-end of – OH AND IF ILLIETRERATE SCUM CANT READ THE OLD ANGLAID GET OED+GAVINS PROPER SALARY +STAFF INCL SUB.

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Daniel Richard
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Registered with a licence to practise; this doctor is on the Specialist Register

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• Primary Medical Qualification
MB ChB 2005 University of Glasgow

• Provisional Registration Date
31 Jul 2005
• Full Registration Date
01 Aug 2006
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Public health medicine From 22 Feb 2013
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GMC Reference Number
Given Names
Daniel Richard
Primary Medical Qualification
MB ChB 2005 University of Glasgow

Registration and licensing history since 20 October 2005

16 Nov 2009

Registered with a licence to practise
01 Aug 2006
16 Nov 2009
20 Oct 2005 (explain this)
01 Aug 2006
Provisionally registered


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Peedos-yell review + report keith wall+helen 270 penns lane Sutton coldfield to birmingham city council adults services+yelp business directory-‘acupuncture’ helen -they been ‘getting away’ w child buses bc whites, state plc + nhs abusing us on his behalf + forcing us to see him! Disgusting-as they in Brahma kumaris child abuse cult-ok to abuse children -their site says ok in india not in uk bc of the law, law in uk abusing attacks targeting us for them bc not white-thenalleged ‘patients’easy to acsess in their hsptls-told him no many times, told nhs staff no, my parents told him no-mcintyres like that sort of thing-same as their rechy theiving old haggis-abusing MY lovely husband in hsptl they dont have me nor MY husbands consent-nor will they get it- so abuse us to death-for it-dont think so-then they cant blmae illness for that-total lies to get more victimes dont think so-been told no-she disguting incestuous peedo-nhs pigs take r funds flat property!-bribes to chavs Nazivermin nhs ste plc staff abusers-mcintyres helping themtheir sort even murder their own babies for money protection +attention-see Cameron allegedly diasabled baby murdered on their baheal-well reported documentd-camerons home wreckers for money-took journalists mary gladstone’s funds,flat and marriage-she married his uncle whose father had died, camerons father took their lives- Cameron seems toi have paid for it with his murdered baby,these millionares trash scum-Nazi leave and gavin alone same as mcintyes, cadogans London,powderham,floors Roxburgh, all related users secretive-no reason for my lovely husband to be locked up all these yrs for their perverse pleasures and r money! then they beg for help friendship etc-dont deserve anything from me nor from gavin-take what they can secretly in hsptl through staff and plce abuses, brainwash you therough attacks abd lies andmeds doped up into being hter ‘friend’ when you recover +realise what is going on and lack of opay and life they return you to ‘treatment’abuses even send their chavs Nazi scum wtrash uneducated abusers to our homes! total Nazi scum-their money does not come from nowhere, r money, don’t think thesemorons could make a decent living id]f they tried hebce all that help these idiots sem to requitre don’t think so get the message me ang]d gavin said no-ewe not slaves nor serbrvants!wthey have proven their inferiorities-typos-we require a sub-editor get it –pay up our salaries Nazi media two faced scum and not in welfare for your perverted abuses-just bc they trapped not us-stop chasing us-got nothing better to do wmorons?! Maybe try going to to one of your churches,though who knowsw what disgusting rites ritual go on in those filthy places knowing what these wppl are. Demons of Christ.

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Find more Acupuncture in Sutton Coldfield
Helen Wall Classical Acupuncturist
1.0 Write a review
Koh-i-Noor House, 270, Penns Lane, Sutton Coldfield, B76 1LQ Directions
Tel 0121 351 1381

Open today 08:30 – 17:00
1. Home

2. Sutton Coldfield

3. Acupuncture

4. Helen Wall Classical Acupuncturist
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2 reviews
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1. Deal 1: Buy 1 helen nun and Get keith d o manpeedo free at brahma kumara cult
7 August 2018 – 28 August 2018
Get deal
Terms & Conditions apply.
Opening hours
Monday 08:30 – 17:00
Tuesday 08:30 – 17:00
Wednesday 08:30 – 17:00
Thursday 08:30 – 17:00
Friday 08:30 – 17:00
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed
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Ancient Healing Wisdom for Today’s Health Problems
Peedos, disg stalkers harassments abuses, since teens+since secretly forcedat nhs+plc hsptls rascists abuses by keith wall, helen-criticalbusive bc brahama kumaris child abus-cult priestess life of nun=according to d olman +afars disgtalk keith pestperv.

Products and services
Anger Management

07 Aug 2018
Peedos, disg stalkers harassments abuses, teens+since secretl forced nhs+plc hsptls -kwallpest
Peedos, disg stalkers harassments abuses, since teens+since secretly forced by nhs+plc hsptls rascists abuses by keith wall, helen- bc brahama kumaris child abuseult priestess life of nun according to d oldman keith pestperv.

Report review
08 Jul 2018
Acunpunture no use, just r and r best
Awful no use, just doesn’t work, waste of time, money effort, best way to recovery to rest and relaxation

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Acupuncture Sutton Coldfield

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Brahma Kumaris Official Website – Sutton Coldfield
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Southall · Sutton Coldfield · Wakefield · Wellingborough · Westbromwich · Wolverhampton · Feeling Great · Live Webcast · flash · flowplayer.rtmp-3.2.3.swf.
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Helen Wall Classical Acupuncturist, Sutton Coldfield | Acupuncture – Yell
https://www.yell.com › Sutton Coldfield › Acupuncture
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Rating: 1 – ‎2 votes
Find Helen Wall Classical Acupuncturist in Sutton Coldfield, B76. … Koh-i-Noor House, 270, Penns Lane, Sutton Coldfield, B76 1LQ … Deal 1: Buy 1 helen nun and Get keith d o manpeedo free at brahma kumara cult … hsptls rascists abuses by keith wall, helen-criticalbusive bc brahama kumaris child abus-cult priestess life …
Birmingham – the Brahma Kumaris
1. Cached
Venue: For venue details please call your nearest centre ., Birmingham. Read more. © 2018 Brahma Kumaris · Terms of Use | Privacy Notice | Cookie Policy.
Missing: penns ‎lane
Slough – the Brahma Kumaris
1. Cached
4:00pm – 5:30pm. Venue: Cippenham Community Centre. Earls Lane, Slough SL1 %DJ. Discover the benefits that meditation can bring into your life. Read more …
Sun 9 Sep
Talk: Monthly Programmes on …
Cippenham Community …
Sun 14 Oct
Talk: Monthly Programmes on …
Cippenham Community …
Sun 11 Nov
Talk: Monthly Programmes on …
Cippenham Community …
Missing: penns ‎| ‎Must include: ‎penns
Hounslow – the Brahma Kumaris
1. Cached
Time: Wednesday 29 August 7:30pm – 9:00pm. Venue: Hounslow. 216 Bath Road, Hounslow, Middlesex TW4 7DE. Read more. © 2018 Brahma Kumaris.
Wed 29 Aug
Do you trust yourself?
Hounslow, Middlesex
Missing: penns ‎| ‎Must include: ‎penns
Meditation – Acupuncture in Sutton Coldfield
1. Cached
18 May 2018 – Find out more information about free meditation sessions and activities at the Brahma Kumaris Meditation Centre in Sutton Coldfield. Contact: …
*Brahma Kumaris Child abuse cult- Stalkers 20+years-at OUR place …
1. Cached
18 Sep 2017 – Brahma Kumaris Child Abusers- met them when 14-at sailing … 270 penns lane Sutton Coldfield BK Centre-secret cult+acupuncture cover up …
Brahma Kumaris Child Abuse Cult- – Investigative Journalism Scotland
1. Cached
18 Sep 2017 – Brahma Kumaris Child abuse cult- Stalkers 20+years-at OUR place … 270 penns lane Sutton Coldfield BK Centre-secret cult+acupuncture …
brahma kumaris – Investigative Journalism Scotland
1. Cached
Posts about brahma kumaris written by Investigative Journalism Scotland. … be in jail-Keith Wall, and Helen- 270 penns lane Sutton Coldfield BK Centre-secret …
[PDF]Directory of places of worship (2007).DOC – Interfaith Wolverhampton
1. Cached
2. Similar
15 Aug 2008 – The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University was founded in Karachi, Sind (now part ….. St Philip’s Vicarage. Penn. Church Road. Wolverhampton WV3 7EJ ….. There is a burial plot at St Nicholas’ Church, Sutton Coldfield.
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brahma kumari wembley
brahma kumaris bracknell

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Brahma Kumaris


5.02 Google reviews
Alternative medicine practitioner in West Bromwich, England
Address: 79 Beeches Rd, West Bromwich B70 6HQ
Phone: 0121 553 1160
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2 Google reviews

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Building number 270 penns lane sutton coldfield
Birmingham b76 1lq,kohinnor house-
0121 351 1381
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keith wall 270 penns lane abused by partnwer over twenty yrs she alleged nun priestess brahmas kumara child abuse cult he daid to me age 14 she left the marriage,showwed me his beds =twin atr their house me asop friend jessamine judeh and his daughtwr Rebecca wall odd jobs in garden –
he disguting dirt peedo, stalking me since over 20 yrs, wrecking studies marriage all about his disgusting wife their slife harassing abusimg me w it- even forced ihimself in hstpls many times, when me forced to go there for him to harass me grooming me/other children +w other women even prstutes plc after him usu on roads we doin=dny know hey they after him, me and friends evdn in pritiute area in egdabasston they asking him about me as he may have picked up ps ther-told him t-w w plc+nhs Nazis abusingstalkers me+family too-tbc they whites 0ok for them to do this!then at r house told him no many times, then my parents tyold him no my huband told him no wo t leave us alone dirty filthy old m

Flat number

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Thanks for completing our Safeguarding Concern Public form online on behalf of keith wall keith wall.
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ArticleMary Gladstone friendof ours-‘Married to a Cameron’wrecked her marriage for her money,then murdered baby for money see prev post, same as McIntyres, Cadogans, may, Floors,Powderham,relations afterme+Gavin R fundslives-plcenhs abuses attacks- we even emigrated+ returnedfrom ca in chains 10yrs asNaziwhites abuses brainwash us for r happiness love freindsghipwhich they don’t deserve, they scared we emigrate they lose everthting-our money,and their lies exposed and that our children wouldget them-so we not even allowed to talk yrs pls nhs rachy mcintyres abuses attacks lies frauds -secretive in their prison hsptls abuse u into ‘beliving’ in mental illness to fouce u onto welfare not even allowed to go to work see friends etc even when at home all doped up and our lives wrecked since teens, seems like some sort of sacricice nelolithis celtic papgan rigfhts bc we happy -esp at cmas, targeted by kerb crawlers plcs dmany yrs, don’t want to be spending this December w my birthday too lockled up-disg ppl demons of chrit, and our anniv soon they may let us talk our see each other als long as they get to attack and split us up only wen we hppy +for r money-hate us bc we have morality and they don’t, even don’t like us studt=ying attacks while at univ forced benefits illegal said no-target us-they better take that Julia foster woodruff cadogan live as shesuiscidal, only tory in Scotland totally usless to anybody taking R mioney nothing-total fraud they lock her up take her life she millionaire-theyy more money from her than from me+G haha dirty bully-se very secretive paranoidscared bc they after her -ranawayto Edinburgh-noneof my concern until she atars attacking abusing me nandmy husnabd-sthen nt handle it-not so easy &target-hite don’t stick out so much for pigs to go after eh shedoes now!m

Married to a Cameron (Article)

Full page feature written when David Cameron became leader of the Conservative party.  Published in The Herald on Wednesday December 7th, 2005. 

It was the late sixties and I was still in my teens when a party was given for me at Granny Cameron’s flat.  She lived somewhere in London’s select SW7 district and her daughter, Frances (my future mother-in-law) planned the event so I could meet the family. 

I remember the aunts, uncles, friends and cousins filing in to welcome me into the fold.  They were friendly but different from my folks, who milked cows and sold eggs on the Solway.  The family I was marrying into was far more sophisticated and urbane than my farming relatives.

One or two people warned they’d be late: Mary Cameron was one. Her two young sons had to be tucked up in bed before she came.  They were Alex, who was four (now a London barrister) and twelve month old David, who this week has become the leader of the Tories.

Was I aware  I was marrying into such a high-achieving family, who one day would spawn a prominent politician and possible prime minister?  Not really!  Proud of their humble Scottish roots, the Cameron’s claimed their money came through the efforts of hard-working businessmen.  I don’t think they were lying.  When I look at my ex’s family tree I find little blue blood there: no hereditary peers, no baronets and certainly no connections to royalty.  However, the ambitious often marry “up”, clever men taking higher-born brides.  This is what some Cameron men did like David Cameron’s father and grandfather.  The new Tory leader is fifth cousin to the Queen through the woman who married Donald Cameron, the new Tory leader’s paternal grandfather.   

I’m not particularly familiar with the family today because I’m no longer married to David Cameron’s cousin but when I was, I found out a thing or two about them.  They seemed to me to be a normal upper-middle class bunch with a distant ancestry of Highland crofters, many of whom emigrated to Canada and America.

The Camerons’ line is finance, stock-broking mainly.   

It all began with Sir Ewan, a founder member of the Hong Kong Shanghai Bank, now the HSBC bank.  His son, Allan, followed him in business making a tidy sum on the London Stock Exchange.  Then came Donald, grandfather of David Cameron. Presumably Ian, David Cameron’s old man has done nicely in the City too. Business is in the Cameron genes.  Even the new Tory leader has turned his hand at it. After leaving Oxford University he was taken on by Carlton Communications.   

Generally speaking Cameron women don’t have careers, their remit being to look good, be good and do good; to breed and simmer casseroles in their aga ovens.  There are exceptions and Rachel (David Cameron’s great-grandmother) was one.  Physically strong (living well into her 80s), she had a mind of her own.  Although her three sons went to Eton, she was more interested in the innovative teaching methods of the German philosopher, Rudolf Steiner.

 I’ll never forget Rachel’s eyes.  They were intense, very brown and unbelievably alive in a woman so old and she was utterly fearless (an attribute inherited by one of her sons).  One day when my ex and I were driving along a multi lane road in London, a very old, lady brandishing a walking stick, stepped off the kerb. “Good God!” exclaimed my ex as several cars, including our own, screeched to a halt.  “That’s Granny!”  Rather than be late for her meeting at the Theosophical Society, Rachel preferred to hold up four lanes of traffic.

Rachel (nee Geddes) hailed from Haugh of Glass on the old Aberdeenshire/Banffshire border near the Deveron.  When she died in 1969, many Camerons travelled up from the south of England to bury her at Wallakirk, her short wake being held in the Gordon Arms at Huntly.

Rachel and Allan had three boys and one girl.  It’s difficult to comment on Donald, their eldest who died in 1958.  David Cameron’s grandfather wasn’t talked about much.   He worked hard becoming senior partner of his firm and apparently played hard.  My mother-in-law kept photographs of Uncle Donald in uniform so he was in the army during the Second World War.

The Camerons liked Enid Levita, Donald’s first wife, even after their marriage broke up.   Until I came to write this piece, I never knew Enid was so posh; it’s through her family that David Cameron is related to the Queen.  All I knew about her was she had Jewish blood and was a good mother.  But the Camerons were like that; they played down their smart connections.

Enid’s father was Arthur Levita and her mother the grand-daughter of  James Duff, 5th Earl of Fife.  He was married to Lady Agnes Hay who was the daughter of the 18th Earl of Erroll. He, in his turn, was the husband of King William IV’s illegitimate daughter by Dorothy Jordan.

Donald and Enid had one son Ian, who was born with a disability in both legs.  Enid was devoted to Ian, giving him the encouragement he needed to live a normal life. Without a trace of self-pity Ian Cameron became tough, clever, accomplished and now the father of a possible future prime minister.


Doctors warned Enid very early on that when Ian grew up his legs might not be able to support the upper part of his body.  And they were correct.  About twelve years ago, Ian Cameron had to have both legs amputated and he now walks with the aid of artificial limbs.

Ian’s early life can’t have been easy; apart from his disability he was the

offspring of a broken marriage and an only child until his father married again, to Marielen, an Austrian with whom he had a daughter, Caroline.  Only children often compensate when they marry by having large families themselves.  Ian and his wife, Mary (nee Moat) have four children:  Alex, David, Tanya and Clare.   

Family ties meant a lot to Ian, the eldest of the Cameron first cousins.  When my ex and I planned to marry Ian wanted to give us a good present.   But his choice clashed with ours.  A nice set of dinner plates or a nest of le creuset pots was his while ours (incipient rebels that we were) was two sets of thermal underwear or a portable typewriter.  Having no plans to follow the family tradition and commute daily to the City, my ex and I wanted to lead “the good life” in the depths of the country, to keep a goat and write the proverbial novel.

I too respect Ian, David Cameron’s father but I won’t ever forget my altercation with him.  Ian managed a financial Trust fund for my ex, from which he was only allowed to receive income and no capital.  When my ex asked Ian if he could borrow a sum of money from the fund, he agreed on condition we hand over as security the title deeds to our Glasgow flat bought with my money.  Being very thorough, Ian also insisted we have the flat surveyed.  From his Home Counties perspective Ian was none too impressed by the report and was alarmed to learn that we lived in a tenement, a mode of living unheard of for a Cameron.   When our marriage broke up, I asked Ian to hand back the title deeds but he refused until every borrowed penny was repaid.   

Donald may have served his time in the War with no great distinction but the same cannot be said of younger brother Sandy.  A Lee Marvin look-alike he was action man personified winning two DSOs and two MCs in the desert campaign in North Africa during the Second World War.  One DSO should have been a VC had Sandy’s valour been witnessed by another officer (it involved pulling a man out of a burning tank under heavy gun-fire).

Ewan, born in 1914, (David Cameron’s great-uncle) was the youngest and suffered from depression (possibly brought on by an attack of malaria while out in the Far East).  The medical profession’s savage solution was a lobotomy.  He married, converted to Roman Catholicism and outlived all his siblings, dying at the ripe old age of 88.

Apart from my ex, the Cameron best known to me was Frances, my mother-in-law although the family called her Pixie.  She looked a bit like one:  tall and painfully thin she suffered from TB in her youth.  Pixie liked me and I liked her in spite of her arbitrary likes and dislikes.  Tom Jones, cigarettes and cats were a positive, left wing prime ministers like Harold Wilson were not.  She had strong political views, so strong they would embarrass some of the younger members of the family today, especially her great-nephew, David Cameron.  If his lean to the left of centre, hers fell well to the right.   As a young woman she travelled with a friend around Aberdeenshire in a horse-drawn caravan “living like a gypsy”.    

Recently widowed when I first met her she lived in a pretty cottage on the edge of the Sussex downs.   Sometimes she lapsed into Scots (presumably the Buchan dialect ) when she was feeling relaxed.  Early affluence and some idyllic years in Kenya as a young wife were followed by poor health and a happy but far from wealthy marriage.

Glyndebourne was next door to Pixie’s home but she wouldn’t have been seen dead attending an opera there; she preferred to see the latest release in the local flea-pit.  She was determined, youthful and as unconventional as her mother, Rachel.  A debunker of the pretentious, she liked all sorts: gays, gypsies, the posh and humble equally.

All the older generation has now gone: Donald, Pixie, Sandy and Ewan.  No doubt I was a disappointment to them, particularly to Pixie. Her son and I never gave her a  grandchild.  If any Cameron felt a grievance against me, they never voiced it, not even my mother-in-law.

The Camerons are undoubtedly advantaged and have bought the best education their children can get.  Some have even married into the gentry or aristocracy but thrown in with all the privilege is a cruel hand of fate that hobbled Allan in the Great War,

forced Ian to endure considerable physical disadvantage and has now come to haunt David and Samantha Cameron’s three year old son, Ivan who suffers from cerebral palsy and epilepsy.   

I’m not at all surprised David Cameron has won the Tory leadership.  With a grandmother like Enid Levita and a father like Ian Cameron, he’s probably learned from an early age all about courage, determination and the will to fight against all the odds.

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