DANIEL RCHANDLER GMC COMPLAINTS REPORTS -THEY LIKE HARRAING FEMAEL as usual-Even get special treatment to do so!! Reported to GMC, Glasgow University Courts, they prefer whites males,lecturers staff themselves seem to see it as some sort of duty to treat girls like objects to be scualy abused-usu whites sluts- then cause me probs w their scummy lives- dont think s! NOT my job to help THEIR whores lasses! eg Kisty:dumped by clacssics lecturer Gla-’98-then dont rub your probs on me, ask the medics who locked HER up,nothingt o do w me, dont want to be friends +used abused w their dumbo discards rejects who cant look after themselves then their parents take them away leaving me in pain, same w Mcintyres w gavin and I married 10 yrs- dont think these Nazis can wreck Our lives for that Rechy’s filthy moolah, trash allowed to incestuosly abuse MY husband secretly/ steal wgat she can lay her Disg. White paws on, to get away w crimes bc white?! whites scum always get pref treatment even primary school-aged 4, my friend moved school they got white in two yrs after we beall beenat school for staff treating me like dirt in favoutr of their dumb blonde thats how they make them rascist then NOT my job to chase their scum, nor hwlp their whores as Fran Watspnin RCP, then that disgusting Daniel and chandler harassed receiving special treatment for it, he total idiote chav at Glasgow!! GAVIN BEING MY lovely husband-not this time-am not four, close to 40 and ddont want to be targeted this december by kerb crawling plce scum, not chrstian not ill-(just bc that frans whores f buddy 10 aged 21whn she 16-dialegedly died on MY 17th bday ‘party’AT HER HOUSE- IHE IN IRELAND CAR ACCIDENT-PROB STONED KNOWING THM, NONE OF MY CONCERN,NENER MET HET HER PIMP-HE OUHHT TO PAY HER, DONT AKE MY MONEY IN rcp- THEN ABUSE ME YRS EVEN HER SCUMMY PARENTS THEY PAY FOR HER OK AND RETURNMY ND FAMILYS FUNDS AND LOCK THEIR STINKY WHORE OF A JUNKIE FAILURE KID DONT EXPECT ME TO CHASE WHAT IS MONE FROM HER MY MONEY FRIENDS LIFE THEN ABUSE ATTACK ME FOR IT CONTIOUS ABUSES BY THEIR STATE SINCE rECHY ALL WHIR=TES SAME STAEL WHAT IS MONE THEN ATTACK ME- TRY TO GET ME PHISYSIACCLY TO THEIR HOUSE TO ABUSE ME AND THREATEN W AUTHORITIE LIE FRAN, FRAN WAS 18-RECHY NR 80 TOIAL THEIVING WHORES ALL THEIR LIVES W THEUR SCUMMY THEIVING CHARLIES JUNKIES TO ‘PROTECT THEM’/ THEIR DISG says nazi PIGS+ NHS:ALL SECRETS DONT THINK SO! THEY WANT TO HE WHOLE WOT TO KNOW WHAT SCUMMY ARESELHELS THEY ARE- WOULD’T EVEMN LIKE TO GO DOWN TO THEIR LEVEL TO WRITE ABOUT THESE SCUMS-THEY READ SUM MIRROR MAIL, MCINTYRES RECHY, TOTAL DUMBOS-CANT BELIEVE IT- SEEMS THEIR FNY TALK EH-AND THAT’S IT OH AND STOP CHASING Me! Disg. RECHY LESBO TO MAKE IT SEEM Like Nothing ANYTHING FROM THAT GROTBAG-UGH RETURN WHAT IS MINE AND GAVINS -WE -am no reason then finally got me in Ayrshire on behalf on their whilte male disgusing usless chav for my money+abuse bodies-white state pervs, wrecking gavin + I marriage since bc we happy, on bhalf of their medics, Julia foster woodruff cadogan McIntyre Tory PR+that Ruth Davidson disgusting Nazi schav whore forcing me and non-whites friends to help’help’ her and her while males for a blonder/ fairer white amnesty international, getting ‘spedcial treatment’ demeaning others for r money,they looking to berascsit nazi practioners at Amnesty international Glasgow?!and since Holyrood/scotgov, while My lovely husband Gavin locked up four yrs we not even allowed to talk with plce +nhs staff threats attacks abuses ongoing when we get in touch or try to mcintyresabusing our marriage steaing from flat funds-all to force us ,abuse us to ‘believe’ in their stuuuupid ‘medicine’ lies! don’t think so- they don’t let ppl out until theuir take meds, ‘believe’ in meds, become dirty whore sluts through staff abuse in those places and tell staff where tyhey going for lifetime of stalkkig purposes! don’t think so-not this time, thety though 4 yrs aghosince I graduated MA in journalism and at work, they thought they coulsget into andwreck my life for their PR purposes-we don’t believe in treamtn nor meds- never mind what the pigs and nhs sent to the papers with maybe 100 media stories +illegal stolen id photos-house rannasaked many times illegal trespass alos illegal for them to publish our address and hand it over to plc so they can harass us-even london jan black medics worst lowlife disgusting scum-do anyhing to get ‘status’w whites-esp thta dr Ayriku Gavins prev black medic in ayrshire nadhis colleauge julius, totally wrecking our lives insults + they up Rechy’s arse Fergus monger menzies Campbell son, he’s even in Victoria Wood show, the ‘who me never guy’ eugh!yep exactement-Rechy total liar bribing them, prob took them to her bed knowing that slut-bc she cruel hates MY LOVELY husband-we cxant eaist until she dead meat but we have to be quick as we plannig children for yrs- peace when she gone-if spot her call sorn kirt for their excorcist, serioiusly,she evenlook like a dirty old haggis with that black + purple visage-in terms of health LIES-bc our rascists nazis whites media scumbag colleages +employers don’t want to pay what is owed+they dead inferior write about loos?! Riiight. They frauds don’t even deserve pay -up nhs+plce frauds ases-see the Herald Glasgow-oages of NHS adverts-refuse to pay ME for work commissioned/ even published! total propaganda time+money studies waster s’ from their Own Ancients Scots univs! Nazis-recycled ‘news’ bribed to put pieces in ‘news’ on how much they up the nhs + plc ‘behinds’-right! Total chavs, no decent person would want to work with these lowlives anyway-only one token female usu. in these white workplace-for their perverted scl harassment purposes-end of – OH+AS ILLITERTE SCUM CAN’T READ THE OLD ANGLAIS GET OED+GAVINS PROPER SALARY +STAFF INCL SUB.

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16 Nov 2009

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Photos-Gavin-MY LOVELY HUSBAND @Gosforth, Newcastle-Nhs-)secretly from Morningside Royal Jan2017)w abusive staff+their plc networks-threats-dont think nhs staff filthy USERS ought to be chasing+ threatening+exploiting us like this-esp so called ‘patients’ family-ME! plc at our hs in jan bc phoned MY husband at hsptl-as is their wont :Gavin+I frightened of them after all these yrs of abuses + atacks-ME!+ journalist! SCARY CHAVS theives+frauds nazi scum/plc threats:Typical disg-chrstian whres teaching-forcing immorality! w abusing lives, funds+marriage since teens-State targets-NO reason:random; stalkers-attacks since teens-4 money, time, at work, while at univ-home, airport, bus stop…..take ANYTHING from us, esp valuables+personal items-even cat! We not safe in uk/eu/our children not safe from them either(bet they’d like them from us- to continue their abusive target lies eh?!Don’t think so)-Trtment LIES as their justification!?!+Trouble,brutality 4 opposing these abuses+stupid LIES+(wed be dead by now if we+(R ppl) hadn’t defended ourselves since teens+(Gavin + !haven’t got the strength anymore it seems, they take everything esp energy) they cant blame ‘suicides’ on ‘mental illness’ nonsense+lies!-More like forced murder!)McIntyre frauds buying protection from state w our lives+funds esp Julia Tory Holyrood pr, racsist bully+useless-but white+wealthy Cadogan+govt jobs for such nazi informer type scum+ w that idiote Rechy-if anyone takes issue with rules of journalism, obviously Gavin+I highly trained in how to report from white Nazi perspective-Don’t think SO – GET IT! AM NOT HELPING THEM-Stop asking forcing me to! THEY get in trouble no reason to go after me-Nazi uneducated white scum refuse to listen to me+Gavin either-Only int in OUR money so prefer dumbo whites’opinions’ only! ?! Total Neanderthals-they not even bothered if we starve-while they- see nhs staff above-get obese-As do Macintyres Mays, get high+fat-you should see them! Ugh

Edinburgh Festival Fringe-The Hard Man-A Preview *****Sam & Gavin Khan-McIntyre, Edinburgh Reporter

Link: http://www.theedinburghreporter.co.uk/2013/07/edinburgh-festival-fringe-the-hard-man-a-preview/

Edinburgh Festival Fringe – The Hard Man – a preview
July 6, 2013 by Sam Khan-McIntyre

hardman 09

Category Theatre
Genres contemporary, event
Group In Your Face Theatre
Venue The Wee Red Bar
Times 19:00
Suitability 18+
Duration 2 hours

This dramatically dark play about the 1960s criminal Glaswegian underworld takes us on an emotional rollercoaster right into the heart of the Gorbals. Here, we witness intimately the convicted murderer Jimmy Boyle’s life and the gangsters who will do whatever it takes, including murder.

A preview of the upcoming Fringe show was put on last week by In Your face Theatre and directed by Craig Boyle, who took the place of the original director Christopher Rybank, at the last minute, with Rybank taking the lead role of Johnny Byrne. The venue The Wee Red Bar perfectly suits its rough charm.

Based on the life story of notorious criminal Jimmy Boyle, it was co-written by Boyle alongside playwright Tom McGrath and performed at the Traverse in 1977, while he was serving time in Barlinnie Prison following a conviction for murder. The prison’s rehabilitation program helped him find his creativity and turn his life around. Boyle has become a successful novelist and artist since his release. The play raises wider issues concerning atonement, reform of prisoners, their rehabilitation and redemption, and of justice. These are considered to be important themes because rehabilitation programs remain controversial.

The intimate atmosphere comes from the set at The Wee Red Bar, whose artfully dingy decor with red painted walls with theatre flyers pasted all over them, and the industrial, exposed ceiling, enables you to relate to a grotty and seedy Glasgow.

The lack of a raised stage and low lighting emphasises informality and intimacy, with the closeness of the audience to the young performers whose energy and heat envelope you, and which it seems, you can reach out to touch. Their passionate performances in the centre of the floor, with the audience of about 60 gathered around its edges, and the use of the audience’s entrances and exits to the room create a believable two hours, where you feel yourself a part of the performance. Here you are present with them in the Gorbals, feeling what they feel and getting inside their minds. This intimacy lends to a sympathy for their actions, as their circumstances and motivations unfold.

hardman pic 01

The strong Glasgow accents and costumes of the young cast, clearly pointed to the rough lower-class of the characters, and the clothes placed them in the recent past. Johny’s girlfriend Carole (Jessica Innes) in a white top, a high blonde ponytail and pastel pink lipstick was contrasted by the dowdy whitish Mac worn by Didi, the local gossip.

The play begins with Johnny living with his mother (Heather Hardcastle) in Glasgow’s rough Gorbals. We see him from the age of 14 as, over the next few years he gets involved in criminal activities escalating in their seriousness. We learn that this started at the age of 5 when he stole chocolate and broke into bubblegum machines.

Johnny and his gang get involved with Big Danny (Gavin McQueen) and his gang into selling masses of stolen goods, and also get involved in violence, when Didi (Christie Brown) enters with news of a murdered Spanish man. Johnny barks at her:- ‘You saw nothing, we’re in this together.’ When he asks his mother for money for the cinema, she tells him she doesn’t want the police at the door in the morning. She ends with typical motherly affection:- ‘He’s a good boy, it’s the company he keeps.’

The extent of the violence is shown throughout the play, as all sorts of props which were used in these violent acts, batons, a screwdriver, beer bottles, a huge machete are brought forth.

The second act consists of Johnny in prison, locked in a wooden cage, as he tries to get at his captors. He is suffering, and is being beaten and bullied by the police, with Paisley (Sam Lennox) as the ringleader. Johnny ends up with his face covered in red blood and is restrained by a straightjacket for days; a ghastly sight. Paisley spits into his food. This scene of injustice makes Johnny even more determined that he will not break, despite what they try to do to him.

Compared to the second act, the first was overwhelming, with its strong characters, flashing lights and extreme behaviour, but not claustrophobically so. It was essential to concentrate fully so as not to lose the thread, as the scenes changed fast and in the low lights the male characters were initially difficult to define, perhaps due to the lack of variety in their costumes. The second scene was the opposite of the first; this was pared down with fewer characters involved. This resulted in Johnny’s brutal treatment by the police being accentuated in the audience’s mind.

In this brutality, we see the system, and its injustices, embodied by the authority of policeman Paisley, and we realise that more than cheap thrills, we’ve come to grips with the characters in a more sensitive and human way, and we have come to understand Johnny’s fragility and powerlessness.
This points to the underlying causes of the extreme behaviour, and adds dimension to his character. There is also some indication of his struggle to survive outside the law, which was just not on his side. This led to him becoming the Hard man, to the dead-end of murder, and of prison.
Writer Jimmy Boyle was given another chance with the help of the renowned Barlinnie rehabilitation programme and his dead end cast aside as he began to live in a new way.

This all provides a very positive message for today’s society which often demonises prisoners as causes and scapegoats for its ills.

Edinburgh musician will celebrate the 25th anniversary of Mendelssohn on Mull

June 14, 2013 by Sam Khan-McIntyre in Edinburgh Reporter.

link: http://www.theedinburghreporter.co.uk/category/culture/festivals/

Jessica Hall, Mendellssohn on Mull


The Mendelssohn on Mull Festival will be celebrating 25 years of   musical performance this year. This free festival of chamber music takes place between 1-6  July 2013 on the island of Mull and offers an opportunity for the young musicians taking part and music lovers alike.

The musicians are invited by artistic director Levon Chilingiran, a professor at the Royal College of Music, in London. They perform in various venues, such as the tiny Creich Church seating 50 or the grandeur of Duart Castle’s Great Hall. For the young professionals, who this year will include some from Edinburgh, it is an important way to gain performance experience and hone skills with the mentorship of experienced chamber musicians, in a beautiful setting.

Participant and freelance musician, Jessica Hall, 23, from Edinburgh who plays violin, viola, clarinet and piano said: – “Living in Edinburgh was a fantastic place to enter the music profession. I was lucky enough to attend St Mary’s Music School. The city was inspiring for me musically due to its festivals. Edinburgh also hosts an international festival of the arts every Easter where people will come from all over to compete. This was a very motivating thing to look forward to and work towards.” She also cites the witnessing of music from all over the world, in all types of venues, including bars and street performances during the Edinburgh International Festival as important to her.

Jessica has won numerous awards and prizes in her home city, such as the Winifred Gavine Medal for solo violin playing, the Edinburgh Quartet Prize, in the Advanced Duet Class and was finalist in the Edinburgh Concerto Competition.

The idea of the Mull festival is to bring a new generation of musicians into contact with seasoned professional mentors in relaxed and stunning surroundings, away from the treadmill and stresses of the professional music circuit. In this regard, Jessica said :-”The festival is my number one commitment giving me the opportunity to play chamber music with wonderful mentors in such a peaceful place.”

Of the relevance these days of such a festival, she said: – “Classical music is sadly something that a lot of young people aren’t interested in – it is viewed as dated and ‘un-cool’. I hope that the festival reaches people of a younger age and shows them how varied the world of classical music can be.”

She added:-”We did get a fair amount of younger audience last year and I think the fact that the   musicians are made up of young people who are obviously passionate about music and having a fantastic time performing shows them a different side to classical music that they wouldn’t have previously experienced.”

As to who might enjoy attending the festival, Jessica said: – “I couldn’t recommend this festival enough. There is something for everyone. I strongly believe that even if you are not passionate about classical music witnessing such enjoyable concerts from such young players is an experience in itself. The location of the festival is incredible. The festival grows in size every year as people come and love it and recommend it to everyone they know.”

In conclusion she said: – ”If you want a fantastic introduction to the world of classical music it’s perfect, and if you are somebody who already loves classical music then it’s the ideal venue to come and enjoy some performances of the highest quality.”

The festival is based on the island because the young composer Felix Mendelssohn made a life changing trip through Scotland to Mull, which inspired him to write ‘The Hebrides Overture, Fingal’s Cave’- one of his most famous pieces.

The young professionals are divided into three groups which workshop repertoire with experienced mentors. Jessica is in group 2.
This year’s mentors are Levon Chilingirian, Gaby Lester, Susie Mészáros, Marcia Crayford, and Stephen Orton.

Due to the popularity of some venues, start times have been staggered to allow travel to another venue if capacity is reached. Concert goers at Glengorm and Duart Castles should arrive at least 30 minutes before the start of the performances. All concerts are free of charge but an entrance fee is charged for access to Iona Abbey.
For further information about the festival, the venues and the participating musicians, visit: www.mendelssohnonmull.com



Workshop and Concert Diary 2013
Monday 1st July 2013 19.30 TOBERMORY PARISH CHURCH – All Groups
Tuesday 2nd July 2013 14.00 DERVAIG HALL – Group 3

19.30 SALEN CHURCH – Group 1

20.00 CRAIGNURE HALL – Group 2
Wednesday 3rd July 2013 19.30 SALEN CHURCH – Group 2

19.30 GLENGORM CASTLE – Group 1

20.15 MULL THEATRE – Group 3

Thursday 4th July 2013 11.30 IONA ABBEY – All Groups (This concert will include a performance of the Barber Adagio for Strings. Please note visitors must purchase a ticket to the Abbey.  Entrance to the concert is free.) 19.00 CREICH CHURCH – Group 1 19.00 BUNESSAN BAPTIST CHURCH – Group 3 20.00 DUART CASTLE – Group 2
Friday 5th July 2013 15.00 AROS HALL – Mendelssohn on Mull Music Makers 19.30 SALEN CHURCH – Classical Ceillidh – This concert will include a performance of the Mendelssohn Octet, to celebrate the Mendelssohn on Mull Festival’s 25th anniversary.   Saturday 6th July 2013 19.30 ST JOHN’S CATHEDRAL, OBAN – This concert will include performances from all groups.

2013 Repertoire

Group 1 – Mentor: Levon Chilingirian  Haydn Op55 No2;  Shostakovich 8; Mendelssohn Op18
Group 2 – Mentors: Gaby Lester and Susie Mészáros Schubert  Quartettsatz in c minor ( D7030); Mozart  K593; Brahms  Op111
Group 3 – Marcia Crayford and Stephen Orton Mozart K575; Boccherini a cello quintet; Brahms Op18

Forthcoming Album by Edinburgh Youth Gaitherin’

Published in Edinburgh Reporter, June 1, 2013 by Sam Khan-McIntyre
link: https://www.theedinburghreporter.co.uk/2013/06/forthcoming-album-by-edinburgh-youth-gaitherin/


Padraig at the archives

Young musicians have been spending a year investigating and responding creatively to recordings and photos found in the School of Scottish Studies Archives at the University of Edinburgh. The seven participants are now raising money to record an album of the music they have developed.

This archive project is a collaboration between the School and Edinburgh Youth Gaitherin, and is supported by Creative Scotland. The aim is to inspire new people to use the Archives and break down barriers young people and the wider community might have with visiting or using them.

The School of Scottish Studies, established in 1951, houses a treasure trove of fieldwork recordings including traditional songs, music, folklore and stories. The resource is an important asset to Scottish heritage.

Cathlin Macaulay, Archives curator at the School of Scottish Studies said:-“We are keen to bring new users into the Archives, especially young people, and welcome the opportunity to collaborate with Edinburgh Youth Gaitherin.”

Whilst taking part in the project, the participants have been learning about what is involved in being musicians: developing skills such as writing music; playing in a group; teaching; promotion; recording and learning how distribution works. They have also been seeking to take an innovative approach to heritage, whilst also developing a meaningful understanding of the content of the Archives and the context of the recordings.

This approach has taken several diverse forms from creating big arrangements for younger musicians to play; writing songs inspired by anecdotes and recollections of the way people used to live; to experimenting with traditional singing styles and writing new versions of these using words from Gaelic stories.

padraig at the archives 2

Participant Paduig Morrison, 16, who studies at St Mary’s Music School in Edinburgh, and plays accordion and piano said:- “I have been playing a lot of traditional music and was very interested in learning lots of older stuff as well as newer stuff, and this project gave me the ability to access it”.

He added: “This project is inspiring as younger musicians understand where our music and traditional music comes from and [because] the oral tradition doesn’t exist to the same extent […] and it’s important as these were related to the songs of our forefathers”.

He believes the project is an excellent way of passing on the traditions. That through composing new material which is inspired by the old stories, melodies and recordings, ensures it evolves, keeps it and alive, and promotes an understanding of culture.

As traditional music is all about transmission, part of this project has involved transmitting music discovered in the Archives. This has been achieved by teaching it to younger musicians, EYG’s Big Band. The album being recorded will involve a track performed by the Big Band.

As part of the transmission process the participants have also been keeping a blog about what they have been doing. They hope their journey will inspire others.
The album is being recorded in collaboration with acclaimed musicians and producers Mike Vass and Matheu Watson. They still have money to raise in order to bring quality of recording to the album they feel it deserves. Therefore they have embarked upon a crowdfunding campaign, offering pre-orders of the album .

The album will be launched at the new arts complex at Summerhall on 29th September of this year. Tickets can be bought through their box office or online. Visit: http://www.summerhall.co.uk/2013/album-launch-the-archive-project/